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    Chapter 122 “Did I Owe You a Favor in My Past Life?

    “Mother,” blinking those babyish eyes, “is it you who ordered Auntie Chu to go there?”

    Stunned by the comment, Bai Xiao once again turned his gaze to the woman in question.

    Lady Chu is a member of the Flower Brothel so why is Xiachen using the word “order?”

    “Little Rice came back before and told me your intent, therefore I had your Auntie Chu go there to serve as the witness.” Bai Yan then slightly wrinkled her brow, “Though
    you pulled it off beautifully this time, but I won’t allow another risky attempt like this in the future. Do you understand me?”

    Pinching his mouth to one side, Bai Xiachen looked a little unhappy: “I only wanted the world to not misunderstand you.”

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    Feeling the warmth flowing out from her heart, Bai

    Yan promptly wrapped the little steam bun up with her whole body to show how much she cared for him.

    “But…” Tilting her small little head, Bai Xiachen questioningly asked, “But did you also make the Qian family go too?”

    Qian family?

    Narrowing her eyes, Bai Yan once again recalled that night where she had to flee from this place.

    “What happened?”

    How can the Qian family appear at the critical moment?

    Is it…

    All of a sudden, a certain handsome and overbearing face appeared in her mind, leaving Bai Yan in a momentary trance.

    Is he responsible for that? Must be him… Aside from him, no one in the kingdom can make the Qian family do that when they are also one of the three major families here.</ p>

    “Sister.” Making a complicated face, Bai Xiao sounded a little worried in his voice: “How did you get acquainted with the Flower Brothel?”

    What’s more, why

    why is the people from that place taking her orders?

    Bai Yan knew her brother would surely ask this question. Not hiding it from the boy, she makes a rarely seen cheeky smile: “The Flower Brothel had been mine since a few y
    ears ago! This woman beside me is the head of the place, her name is called Hualuo.”

    This was like an earth rumbling explosion, leaving the boy speechless and lost for a proper response.

    Although the Flower Brothel can’t be called a respectable organization, but its influence was on par with the royal family. Such a powerful entity now belongs to his sist
    er? My sister?

    Even more importantly, Yu Rong actually want to sell his nephew to the Flower Brothel?


    “So,” Bai Yan slowly rose from her seat and gracefully walked towards her brother, “Like I said before, even if you don’t take the Bai House, I can still

    can still take
    down this country for you!”

    Her promise will never be revoked!

    Bai Xiao didn’t respond to her sister’s comment. Looking down at the ground, that handsome face was shrouded in gloom. Then after a long while of seemingly forever, he lo
    oks up again like he’s made his decision: “Yours is yours. As a man, it’s my duty to hold up the sky.”

    “Not to mention…” He pauses, then firmly said the rest: “The current Bai House only reached its current state thanks to Mother. I cannot let her efforts fall into waste!”

    Sister is already strong enough, that means I only need to become stronger to protect her in the future.

    “Sister.” Gently hugging his sister, Bai Xiao smiles at her in a reassuring manner: “Don’t worry about me, I will not be in danger. No matter what happens, I am still the
    only male in the Bai House.
    the Bai House. That man will not be too excessive with me.”

    Seeing her brother being so insistent, Bai Yan can only relent and let the boy do as he wishes. Besides, she already stationed her people around to protect him in secret.
    There’s nothing to worry about.

    “If you need anything then you must come find me.” Patting the boy’s shoulder, she sounded demanding: “Xiao, you are my one and only brother, remember that.”

    Happily nodding at her sister’s attitude, Bai Xiao smiled back: “Sister, I feel like I must have owed you a favor in my past life, that’s why we are siblings in this life
    . It’s so that I can thank you in the future and be by your side!”

    Sister, I’m sorry I didn’t believe in you back then and even blamed you for leaving… From now on, I will never let that happen again!



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